Stoneface & Terminal release “Covenant “

This last Friday saw the release of a new cracker carefully produced and mastered by the German DJ duo Henry and Matthias, better known to the public as Stoneface & Terminal. The track is called “Covenant” and was released at Future Sound of Egypt, being quite an interesting mix of trance and techno vibes.

The song carries a bit of an oldish sound, a classical approach of the two artists that makes it perfect for a night in the club, as well as a quite listen at the office. Either way, it’s a track worth listening over and over again.

Clandestine bosses Stoneface & Terminal return with this brilliant tech trance slammer. Covenant is a groove fueled stomper with a hypnotic vocal break. A sure-fire winner for those who like their trance techy!

The track is up for grabs here.


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