Squire – No Returns EP (KD144)

Kindisch Squire - No Returns EP -cover

Spanish sensation Squire is back on Kindisch with another phenomenal set of works titled ‘No Returns’. The three track EP exhibits Squire’s magical talent brilliantly. The opening track ‘My Last Growth Of Feathers’ starts the journey with slow burn, warming up with deep tones chugging along accompanied by an effectively simple percussive pressure. Bringing the track to the next level and beyond, Squire lays out a hauntingly good vocal for us to enjoy. The skies get a bit brighter with ‘Permanent Route’ and the energy rises. The atmosphere created here is dreamy as the percussion deliberate, giving us a beautiful flow and drive. The final track, ‘Yaowin Caramel’ spills out with a very tactile touch as an elegant tech-house after-hour heater that creates a stunning vibe and holds it beautifully.


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