[NEW MUSIC] Siskin – Piece of My Love

If you’ve been feeling some of Siskin’s pressure of late, you’ll also recognise that it comes with a remarkably different feel than you’re used to. Café del Mar the place up top … and ‘Café del Mar’ the track down under, Siskin have combined chillout and trance to create a musical realm of their own.

Last year, the sistership of Sue McLaren & Suzanne Chesterton gave us the ‘Dopamine EP’, which presented a four-pack of tracks that outlined their style. Now underway with their new one, ‘Serotonin’ is putting that vision into even sharper perspective. Having opened the EP’s account with ‘Nobody Loves Me’, the pair now bring the bliss once again with its thematic expansion, ‘Piece Of My Love’.

With ‘Dopamine’ tracks like ‘Villaneve’ and ‘Electric Love’, Siskin were happy to leave the message in their music more opaque and open to interpretation. ‘Serotonin’ though makes that aspect far clearer. ‘Piece Of My Love’ is less about the feeling itself, but more what we do with it when it arrives. Wistful, occasionally lamenting and regret-tinged, but never less than achingly beautiful, the girls dive deep into its nature.

With one eye on the season just gone, and the other, distinctly more Autumnal in perspective, Siskin’s second from the ‘Serotonin EP’ arrives today. Find ‘Piece Of My Love’ on all good sales and streaming platforms from today.


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