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Silver Lining welcomes Lostly & Robert Nickson


Infusing music with pure emotion and loyalty.

With a burning passion for music and a love of the art of DJing, Andre Frauenstein (aka Lostly) went all-out to break an industry already brimming with talent at a very early age. Known for incorporating a diverse range of styles, Lostly simultaneously transcends genres by infusing his music with pure emotion and a loyalty to his sound.

With appearances at Dreamstate, Pure Trance, Luminosity, Colors, Nature One and the legendary Love Parade behind him already, his high intensity performances, as he journeys you through the world of his creations, remain fabled in the world of trance.

Robert Nickson

One of the most consistent producers of Uplifting Trance.

From the timeless 2004 record ‘Spiral’ to more recent masterpieces such as ‘Somewhere In Spacetime’ & ‘Heliopause’, Nickson has continually grown his mountain of fans, counting many of the world’s leading DJs among them. Global headliners Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Tiësto and Above & Beyond are just some of the tastemakers who have been broadcasting his productions for over a decade.

Robert has been touring all over the globe at festivals such as Dreamstate, Luminosity and Lucky Fest, as well as at club nights in Bangkok, Moscow, LA and Pure Trance tour through Australia and more, including as Robert Nickson LIVE, a unique live show where he bypasses the traditional mixer and decks and instead brings a keyboard and guitar to the stage to play his music live. hTogether with Driftmoon, Astropshere his new project together with Driftmoon expands on this, with a live experience exclusively designed for the stages. You can be sure the best is yet to come from this noble producer.

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