Sean Mathews releases “Rise Again”


We are rapidly approaching the end of 2017, but good music doesn’t seem to mind that because as the clock starts clicking, the Oxford-based DJ and producer, Sean Mathews hits us at full speed with a tremendous new track called “Rise Again“.

The track has just been released today (aka. 22.12.2017) at Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE) and has a genuine story of hard work plus a very meaningful theme. As the artist himself said it:

It’s not always a track has something so meaningful attached to it, but this is the result of massive amounts of hard work! It took over a year to obtain the rights to release this vocal version of “Belfast Child” originally by Simple Minds.“.

“Rise Again” contains the haunting vocals of this particular song released no less than 28 years ago. Simple Minds’s vocal leader Jim Kerr used the music from the Irish folk song “She moved through the Fair” and created the melody as a homage to some really troubled times that Northern Ireland passed through after IRA’s bombing on 8 November 1987 (a day that remains in history as Enniskillen bombing).

Six months have passed since Sean Mathews released his last track at FSOE named “Together” so naturally it was about to time to experience another cracker from the British artist. A genuine trance anthem with haunting and extremely powerful both lyrics and vocals that transports you into another dimension.

It’s definitely a must-listen-to song and, we dare say, a pretty awesome Christmas present for all the music lovers out there!

The track is available here.


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