RAM & Susana pres. Tales Of Life – You Are Enough

Through music, we share the tales of our lives…

After ‘Ramelia’, ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘Northern Star’, RAM & Susana take their collaboration to the next level through their brand new project and live act Tales Of Life. The release of their new single ‘You Are Enough’ (out today) forms the kick-off of this exciting new chapter.

As is to be expected from the iconic Trance duo, ‘You Are Enough’ is a powerful, emotional and meaningful uplifter. It’s message being that there’s no need for us to strive for perfection nor outside validation. That even if we’re stripped of everything – our success, our accolades – we are still worthy, because we are enough… just the way we are.

To top off the launch of Tales Of Life, Ram & Susana are inviting their loyal fans to take part in the official music video for ‘You Are Enough’.

To us Trance is all about community and sharing beautiful stories. We have received a lot of love from the Trance community through the years and we thought it would be amazing to incorporate that Trancefamily feeling in the music video for ‘You Are Enough’. That is why we are inviting you to send us a high quality 5-10 second video clip (landscape mode, no images) of a special moment in your life where you shine, enjoy life, love, laughter or a unique life event you would like to share with the Trancefamily. We want to see life in the best way possible! Our favourite clips will be incorporated into the video.

Submit your footage to talesoflife@susanavocalist.com before May 1st. ‘You Are Enough’ is released today and available to stream/purchase through all good platforms via this link.


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