RAM & Sarah de Warren – Where I Want To Be

The sharper-eyed amongst you will have noticed that there’s been a distinct theme to the art (and in certain cases, the titles!) of RAM’s recent singles run. Last month ‘Echoes’ tooted the horn for Bejing, his Harbour Bridge-sporting Frankie cover ‘The Power Of Love’ did much the same for Sydney, while the title of October’s ‘Buenos Aires Angels’ said all that needed to be said!

No coincidence naturally that this is all leading up to the release of RAM’s new artist album, ‘Wanderlust’, which sees the light in the new year. Taking the precursor singles count to four this week, the Dutchman teams up with Sarah de Warren for the New York-champing (and unambiguously titled!), ‘Where I Want To Be’.  

Sarah’s a singer-songwriter whose gone from standing start, just a handful of years ago, to scene stalwart. In the last two alone, she has racked up co-writing credits on two dozen or more heavyweight label releases, making her voice now one of the most recognizable across the electronic music landscape.

RAM channels her uplifting (and incredibly catchy!) song into a production that knows exactly when to rein in and drop the spot on her voice … and when to let the synths rise, sonically capturing the beating heart of the Big Apple. ‘Where I Want To Be’ is where you’ll want to be this month … It’s available through all good sales and streaming channels here now. ‘Wanderlust’, RAM’s forthcoming artist album will be released in 2023.


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