Phunk Investigation

Haiti Grooove RadioShow on DEEA 22.02: Phunk Investigation (Naples /

DJ Phunk Investigation Top 10 (in the case):
01    Format
B    030    Original Mix   
Highgrade Records
02    Butch    Soultan
feat.Julie Marghilano    Original Mix   
Great Stuff
03    Marco Dassi    All that
Jazz    Popof Remix    Greatt
04    Phunk Investigation    Do
What You Want to Do    P.I. Trojan horse
mix    Absolutely
05    Milton
Channels    You Lose    David West & Inkfish
Remix    Muzik X Press
D.Ramirez    Physiological Rhythms    The
Dark Night Mix    Azuli
07    Phunk
Investigation    The Promiseland
feat.kwesi    P.I. Club mix    Absolutely
08    D-Unity   
Tension    Original Mix    Rok-it
09    Superslut   
Bulerias    Original Mix    Great
10    Olivier Giocamotto    Eat
What you Kill    Kiko Remix    Definitive
Phunk Investigation playlist:

Track 1     Phunk Investigation – Have Natural     
Track 2     Phunk Investigation – Excess
Track 3     Phunk Investigation – Urban Assault
Track 4     D-Unity – VooDoo Doctor
Track 5     Phunk Investigation – Can You Remember (Boris Rush Remix)
Track 6     Umek – 2nd To None
Track 7     Phunk Investigation Feat.Kwesi – Run Baby Run (Instrumental Mix)
Track 8     Rick Pier O’Neil – Eternal Life Part 2
Track 9     Phunk Investigation – Don’t Panic
Track 10   Speedy J – EDLX Tool (Chris Liebing Re-Edit)
Track 11   Fumihiro Hoshi – Bright Eyes (A.Mochi Remix)

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