Pavel Khvaleev – Space Odyssey – out today

Having introduced us (by way of ‘Sapho Blend’ & ‘Dismay’) to his more abstract PARAFRAME alias, whilst alternating monthly with his own-name creations, Pavel Khvaleev’s already shown us plenty of future in ‘21. Following his January connection with Miss Monique on ‘Rider’, he returns this week with more floor-minded oxygen, going solo & instrumental into the inky-black of ‘Space Odyssey’.

Now if you know Pavel and you see a title like ‘Space Odyssey’ arriving through Black Hole Recordings, musically, you’ll already got a reasonable idea of where its gravitational centre lies. ‘Space Odyssey’ though is in no huge rush to get there, as Khvaleev establishes each element along its flight path with care bordering on the artisanal.

Standing alongside the stature of its monolithic harmonies, he lets the bass co-own ‘Odyssey’s spotlight, subtly, but regularly shifting the emphasis on it throughout. Crafted to the point of sculpture, the track’s complex layers of LFO warp, boom, groove & undulate, as its galactic note arrangements and FX push it through the stratosphere.

Imagination provoking and curve-beating, Pavel Khvaleev’s ‘Space Odyssey’ goes outer-limits from today. It’s available to stream or buy here.


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