Pavel Khvaleev pres. PARAFRAME – Have Mercy

Less alias, and evermore full-blown alter ego, Pavel Khvaleev is back in a PARAFRAME state of mind this week, ready to deliver more imaginative electronic music eclectics.

Taking us another step closer to his full album offering, ‘Have Mercy’ – the LP’s third vanguard single – innately finds him on a first-time collaboration with singer/songwriter Macarena.

As is PARAFRAME’s M.O., the Original version sidesteps the clubfloor and – with hyper effect – freefalls through layers of ever-increasing melodic nuance. Macarena’s song is a decidedly 21st century take on the classic girl-meets-boy tale. Jostling with all the contesting emotions involved, ‘Have Mercy’ finds space for touching candour and disarming insight, with an authentic non-linear ebb-&-flow nature to its optimism. Pore to core, Pavel drip-feeds atmosphere into its music, using cymbalic hiss, sculpted synths and knowingly retro trip-hop shades to complete its picture.

Through the subtlest of kick-drum pulse, his Pavel Khavleev Remix applies the requisite floor-yin to the Original’s downtempo yang. Upping the harmonic shimmer and letting the reverb hang in the air that touch longer, it brings an even greater character for the vocal’s affecting lyrics. 
PARAFRAME and Macerena’s ‘Have Mercy’ is out today and is available through streaming and sales platforms here.
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