Paul Arcane releases “Transcend”


Two more days separate us from a new beginning, so what a better time to get pumped up with an awesome track that has come straight from the other side of the planet (well, at least that’s how we see it, since we are based in Europe)?

In case the title wasn’t revealing enough, we are talking about the Chilean DJ and producer, Paul Arcane and his “Transcend” track that’s has just seen the light of day at Enhanced Music.

Extremely melodic and with a very catchy tempo, “Transcend” it’s tailored in a pretty classic way, although it guards a very distinctive fresh sound, a sound that Paul has put his signature on.

This is the artist’s first Original on the label, the track emitting “chord-heavy, euphoric sounds” and taking its listeners into “a divine journey through crisp, uplifting chords & chunky, growling bass“.

Haunting high and low and breaking the conventional boundaries of creating a song, “Transcend” will ease your transcendence into the world of sounds.

The song is available here.


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