[NEW MUSIC] Christina Novelli & Sarah de Warren – Leaving Me

Artist x artist; artist x remixer; singer x artist – hey, we can do that all day! Singer x singer though, now that’s not something you see (or hear!) all too often. There’s no secret as to the ‘why’ either, as it’s amongst the trickiest of creative balances to strike. At the core of the most successful ones though is a profound understanding of one another’s method, as is the case for Christina Novelli and Sarah de Warren.

Having closed the last chapter of her ‘Heavy EP‘ with the floor-flooring ‘Memories’ (and a yacht-rocking Cancun livestream!), Christina’s right back in the fray today. Joined by ‘Monster‘-singer/songwriter Sarah, with ‘Leaving Me‘, the pair are ready to give September’s heartstrings one mighty tug.

Words, meanings, sentiments, feelings – they’re amongst our most personal aspects. For singers though, there are a few areas of ‘we’ve all been there’ commonality and ‘Leaving Me’s theme is certainly one of them. The experience of hearing two of clubland’s most recognizable voices go verse-for-verse and line-for-line on its song could hardly be any more compelling. Until that is they come together on its soaring-yet-searing chorus!

A singular release and a unique experience all in one, you’ll find Christina & Sarah’s ‘Leaving Me‘ wherever all good music is sold or streamed.


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