New album: Scooter presents Scooter Forever

SCOOTER wouldn’t be SCOOTER if they went for understatement when choosing a name for their 19th studio album. SCOOTER FOREVER as a title leaves plenty of room for interpretation in this, the 25th year of their existence. One way of looking at would be that SCOOTER will Forever be united with their fans, another would be in recognition of a quarter century (a lifetime in music) of loyalty to their credo of hedonism, partymania and a fierce unwillingness to compromise. Flying in the face of convention, SCOOTER have surprised all the doubters who never expected the band to become such an immovable icon of musical history. Their systemic success is here to stay.

In this light, the choice of album title is by no means an overstatement, but a fair reflection of reality: SCOOTER FOREVER!

SCOOTER’s updated status is due in no small measure to Michael Simon and Phil Speiser, who have ensured continuity in the fifth chapter – whilst the MC skills of front man and mastermind H.P. Baxxter are as sharp as ever: rarely have his raps sounded tighter. Add in ever- expanding reserves of musical knowledge and a desire to engage with contemporary trends and the SCOOTER sound is revealed to rest on a complex foundation of bass, breaks and micro-improvisation.

SCOOTER FOREVER is an absolute powerhouse of an album, bursting with pumping rhythms and melodic ideas.

SCOOTER FOREVER – yet another milestone in the lengthy history of the band! To prove the point, H.P. Baxxter shouts out a new SCOOTER anthem proclaiming “In Rave We Trust” – a perfect slice of pop with a simply brilliant, brilliantly simple melody… how come nobody thought of this one before?! Then there’s “Kill The Cat” a tune which is archetypal Scooter to its very last microparticle, elevating SCOOTER‘s trademark sound to new sonic heights. All of the other songs on the album, such as “Wild & Wicked”, complete with flashes of hyper-tuned guitar, positively reverberate with hit potential.

Just how deep H.P. Baxxter’s sense of history goes is revealed on the SCOOTER FOREVER bonus CD, a collection of ten absolute rave classics which SCOOTER have lovingly gleaned from their quarter of a century in music. From Legend B.’s “Lost in Love” via Infrequent Oscillation’s “Burning Phibes” to Jones & Stephenson’s “The First Rebirth”, these ten killer tunes have rightfully been granted a place in H.P. Baxxter’s hall of fame.

H.P. Baxxter: “This shows another side of Scooter: respect for our heroes and their achievements. On the second CD we have gone way back to the early days (and nights) of rave. These are some of the tunes which influenced and inspired us when we were starting out as Scooter. On these new recordings, we have aimed to preserve the vibes of the original tracks whilst updating the sounds to give them an extra edge today.”

SCOOTER FOREVER will be presented to SCOOTER’s fans worldwide from February 2018 onwards, a year-long party to celebrate the band’s 25 years in the game: enter the 100% SCOOTER – 25 Years WILD & WICKED Tour. The guys are on a marathon mission to play for their supporters, having begun in July of this year with open air shows for crowds of 20,000 in Leipzig and Mönchengladbach.


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