Jam & Spoon featuring Plavka – Right In The Night (Pig & Dan + Nicholson Remixes)

Little more than a hot minute since Black Hole Recordings gave us their first ‘Right In The Night’ reworks (big tip-of-the-cap to Johan Gielen & Morttagua!), Holland’s finest return to wrap up the bring-back.

On-point for this pair are Pig & Dan who explore ‘R.I.T.N.’s deeper, more netherworldian possibilities and Nicholson who serves some world-class trance firestarting up top!

Pig & Dan are first to the bench with the duo duly delivering on eight deep ‘n’ stormy minutes of prog-trance magnificence. Plavka’s instantly recognisable refrains shuttle the speakers, backed by the Spaniards’ no-nonsense kicks & shadowy bass. Eddying its atmospheres, P&D comparably crank the reverb, build up that technotic percussion and – post-break – let the drums roar.

Taking care of mix-matters at the more floor-romping end, that man Nicholson underpins ‘Right’s flamenco strings with devilishly fine 303. Clearing the path in the break, he lets its elevating song assume centrestage, before his synths race up to effect its chest-pounding climax.

Mighty new complexions applied to Jam & Spoon’s venerated classic – what’s not to like about that that!?! Available through all good stores and streaming platforms this very day – spiritual elevation is click-close at hand!


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