Indecent Noise & Lostly team up for Lost In Noise


Sometimes in life you meet someone you connect with on not just a friendship level, but a creative, innovative and performance level. A person like yourself who creates, inspires and motivates you to be better than before. Like Ying and Yang, opposite and yet inseparable all the same.

Imagine then a collision of imagination through music and performance, a desire to entertain, a willingness to create an experience and the knowledge and understanding of one another to leave a lasting memory as we all as fans get lost in that moment, hands in the air, fists pumping, feet moving and voices screaming. For that one moment all pain and negativity is lost. All worries and insecurities pushed aside. Lost in the moment, lost in the music, LOST IN NOISE.

Well regarded and respected as individual artists and performers, Lostly & Indecent Noise have always supported one another, intertwining ideas and sharing sounds and visions. They’ve remixed each other, collaborated on music and more importantly struck up a strong bond of friendship fueled by their similar imaginations and desires to simple get on stage and perform for their fans.

What started as an off the cuff suggestion has matured and manifested its way into total realisation. LOST IN NOISE sees both acts team up for very special and very exclusive back to back performances to deliver show stopping, memorable moments of musical greatness. This won’t just be another standard back to back. A LOST IN NOISE show just wont feature their individual music but exclusive material created together that simply may not be heard in any other sets they do. The duo have already completed some exclusive LOST IN NOISE original productions and remixes and are working on more to build their arsenal

So as 2018 kicks off a new chapter and a new dawn for Lostly and Indecent Noise, fans of each, we ask you to come together get ready to get LOST IN NOISE. Their debut performance will be at trance fan’s all time favorite event – Luminosity Beach Festival.

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