Giuseppe Ottaviani releases “Till the Sunrise”


It goes without saying that when the Italian DJ & producer Giuseppe Ottaviani signs his name on a track, that particular track will automatically become a huge hit.

Things will definitely be no different with “Till the Sunrise“, the artist’s latest released track at Future Sound of Egypt, today January 29th.

The song “is an emotional rollercoaster of a track packed with 303 loops, driving techy beats and intense stabby chords leading up to an incredible main lead which will definitely pull on the heart strings!”

On a more traditional note though, it’s quite difficult to put in words what this track conveys. It’s simply gives you an unearthly feeling. It takes you high and low, it captures your mind and soul, takes you on a journey across the universe of vibrating sounds, only to return you down to earth where you feel like you’ve had the most unusual and a-myriad-of-emotions experience.

“Till the Sunrise” is available here, but if you are patient enough you will listen to it tonight, in Sundancer’sLost in Trance” radio show, from 10PM (GMT+2) right here, on Radio DEEA.

Let’s party “till the sunrise” and beyond!


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