Giuseppe Ottaviani releases Slow Emotion 4

Back in the summer of 2018, Black Hole Recordings released BH888 – a release infinitely better known as Giuseppe Ottaviani’s ‘Slow Emotion 3’. Fast-forward nigh on 2 years and with BH999, the label stands on the threshold of its one-thousandth single. The rest you’ve probably guessed by now. That single is indeed ‘Slow Emotion 4’ and if that isn’t some grade-A Fibonacci-style sequencing from the Italian producer, we don’t know what is!

What does it all mean though, really!? Well as far as the fourth ‘Slow Emotion’s concerned, we’ll let the track itself tell you. Literally…  

Like its first three incarnations, ‘4’s quick to toy with the pace & tone expectations that have – over time – gathered around Giuseppe’s music. The track pumps and bleeps its way through a fiery intro, before flaring the pitch-wheel and timeslipping its tempo, dropping into a slow march. Backed by warpingly techy bass, the track takes a distinct turn for the meta, as ‘S.E.4’ becomes sentiently self-aware and starts to vocally narrate its own arc.

Out of the break, in step with the acceleration of its tech blaze, it picks up speed as ‘Slow Emotion 4’ continues its tripped-out HAL9000-like commentary. If we say ‘you’ve never heard anything quite like this track before’, we’re on safer-than-safe ground! It’s out today and is available to stream/buy/lose yourself in here!  


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