Returning to show that last year’s ‘I Believe’ was no chance chart-scaling hit-‘n’-run, Giuseppe Ottaviani reteams with the UK’s Lucid Blue for ‘Be The Angel’. Together with the Bristol-based electronic music quartet (comprising of Amber Anderson, Robert Myatt, Christian Zechner & Shawn Davis), the Italian’s studio-summoned another epically fine slice of vocal trance power.

Ladies and Gentlemen: summer’s mainliner has arrived!

Giuseppe himself constructs ‘Be The Angel’s production engine, laying down a no-prisoners groove, which gives ‘Angel’ her wings. Through beautifully modulated pad & chord sequences, collectively the producers send it airborne, before it takes full heavenly flight courtesy of its floor-soar mainline.

Again Amber Anderson’s voice lends a G.O. x Blue collaboration that most vital of components: a beautifully written song that breathes sweetness into its verses and a resolve into the chorus. An essential for summer airwaves and dancefloors alike, ‘Be The Angel’ from Giuseppe Ottaviani and Lucid Blue turns the emotion up to 11 from today. Find it hereabouts!

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