Ferry Corsten presents Blueprint – album review


Launched in May 2017, Ferry Corsten’s most recent album – Blueprint – it’s truly a masterpiece and not just an electronic music one, but also a masterpiece of music in general. It’s just pure bliss!

The Dutchman born in the city of Rotterdam managed to convey through sounds, tones, vibes and carefully chosen words, the emotion of a new discovery, of a new beginning, of something that resides beyond time and space.

The album is composed of 17 tracks, each of them making its debut through Campbell Scott‘s voice (you might know this guy from directing a movie called Spiderman 2 – just sayin’) thus helping the audience get more and more into the Blueprint story.

Actually this is one of the album’s piece du resistance, that something extra that makes it so damn special, because Corsten meant the story to be told not just through sound, but also through words; words that thanks to¬†Eric Lumiere, Niels Geusebroek, Clairity and Haliene‘s voices get even more meaning and are even more powerful.

The idea behind this album is not something that came out of the blue, because creating an album-concept was Ferry’s dream. But it somehow got put on hold until one day when he was chatting with his dad after listening to some Gouryella works and realizing how much storytelling was behind that. And so, his dad encouraged him to write the album that he always wanted to release.

The next step was huge, Corsten meeting the one and only David H. Miller the screenwriter that is behind House of Cards and Rosewood, the two hitting it off from the very beginning and talking about evolution, alien life, artificial intelligence and so on. This is how Blueprint started.

The story kicks off with receiving a sound from deep space, a sound that the entire humanity is trying to break down and understand its meaning. It is called: The Drum.

Somewhere in a lost town, a young man called Lukas is also interested in decoding this sound which he stunningly manages to do and following the message’s instructions, build up an android – Vee.

The puzzle pieces start to build up an image and the story reveals itself track by track , Lukas establishing a really deep and meaningful relationship with Vee which has her own personality, a conscience, a memory and, as Lukas finds out soon enough, comes from a far, far away place.

Her home away from home is pretty much similar with the Earth that Lukas is living on, but her world is different. It’s world where pain, hatred and evil don’t exist. It’s a place that Lukas himself gets to see, through his mind, by travelling across galaxies with the speed of light.

This amazing experience thrilles Lukas, but it also gets him to be afraid because Vee is homesick and wants to go back.

The story continues though the two are taking different roads, only to meet at the end … and as the last track says it so well, for Eternity.

The way Blueprint is meant to be listen to is track by track, in the exact order that Master Ferry Corsten created it, each song being actually a key that opens a portal to freedom and true love.

The album’s message is a simple one, but its beauty is that it depends on each person’s way of relating with it. For each person the meaning could be different, although the basis is the same.

A thing is for sure though, Ferry Corsten managed to decode the Universe’s message, Blueprint becoming some sort of portal through a different and idyllic world where music unites people and good always overcomes evil.

Putting together elements like those that the humankind is being confronted with at the moment (like the war for power and influence), with the personal internal drama that the individual is feeling, but also the fascination of what is beyond what we can see and perceive, Blueprint gets into the limelight what really matters at the end of the day, for each and everyone of us.

There is not doubt that Corsten has outdone himself in his quest to leave the comfort zone and discover the unknown, where music is emotion and words are more than simple tools of communication.

Thus, Blueprint is not a journey to the exterior, to what’s beyond us, but one that invites us to analyze and get to know better the universe that resides inside of us.


If we got your attention, then you might as well buy the album which is available on iTunes and GooglePlay.

Ferry Corsten and his radio show “Ferry Corsten’s Countdown” can be heard each Monday night on Radio DEEA, just after Sundancer‘s “Lost in Trance” show.



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