Eco – Let You Down (Chris Schweizer + Kamilo Sanclemente Remixes)

Having opened his new album account with ‘Let You Down’, today, Eco gifts the track a swift-heeled set of reworks. Following Marcello Pacheco stylistically couldn’t-be-anyone-else original, Chris Schweizer and Kamilo Sanclemente contribute two markedly different flavours to its cause.

‘Let You Down’ – The Remixes are available here from today. For his part, Chris meets the dancefloor head-on with a guns-blazing production that significantly ups ‘Let You Down’s bass, tempo and drum profile. Cannily, he then equalises those more forthright aspects with the moodsome topline airs of Eco’s original. Through that, he makes exceptional use of its melancholic vocal refrains, guitar strains and hauntingly evocative leadline.

Conversely, Kamilo Sanclemente takes mix-matters in the other direction, emphasising ‘Let You Down’s many proggier characteristics. Pad and chord atmospheres assume the lead roles, while the lost-loves lament of its vocal edges ever further to the fore with every passing minute. Sombre, ethereal and immersively rich in production, it provides the perfect counterpoint to Chris’s mix.

‘Let You Down’ – The Remixes is released through all good sales and streaming platforms today. Find them here, now!


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