Dj Andi

Omul care electrizeaza atmosfera serilor Request 6 2 9 la Radio DEEA, cel care a lansat in aceasta vara albumul First Time, cu megasuccesul 4 The 1st Time feat. Aida este invitatul serii la Club Emotion Guest Dj. Un set electrizant, predominant minimal-electro care trebuie ascultat (prima auditie Dj Andi feat Aida- 4 The 1st Time Andi Miniblabla remix!!!).

1. Trick&Kubik – Easy
2. X-Press 2 feat. Rob Harvey- Kill 100 (carl craig remix)
3. Fisherspooner- Just let go (M.A.N.D.Y. remix)
4. No Dolls – Nothing Like The Original
5. Guido Schneider- In Case you Didn't Feel Like Showing up
6. Martin Landsky -1000 Miles
7. Booka Shade – In White Rooms (Elektrochemie remix)
8. Dj Andi feat Aida- 4 The 1st Time (Andi Miniblabla remix)
9. Dms12-Velvet dreams (Richard Dinsdale Very Very Wrong mix)
10. Austin Leeds- Only you
11. Plump Dj's – Electric Disco (D. Ramirez remix)
12. King Roc – The Tip (Tom Neville remix)
13. Fedde Le Grand – Just Trippin
14. Steff Da Campo – Candyman (antiphus rmx)
15. Dave Robertson & Jon Gurd – Camel
16. Rhythm Mechanic – Flux (Zimbardo & Zigmund Slezak remix)
17. JD Davis- Bocca
18. Joe t Vanelli feat. Rochelle Fleming- Get it on (Poly Rework edit)
19. Audiojack – Robot


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