Dennis Sheperd & EKE are “Playing With Fire”

The final single action ahead of the January 2021 release of ‘Find The Sunrise’Dennis Sheperd’s third studio album – sees the German producer ‘Playing With Fire’. Created in concert with Dutch singer/songwriter Eke (whose previous works include collaborations with Headhunterz, Ruben de Ronde and others), the track was sparked over musings between the pair on relationships past.

Eke expands: “The things in life that are dangerous and maybe not good for you in the long run, are things that most of the time make you feel alive. ‘Playing With Fire’ is about that rush, that ‘holy’ feeling of living on the edge in a relationship. When two people are a dangerous combination but keep coming back to each other, the desire will light a flame and the flame might get you burned. But that addictive rush is worth the danger, it’s worth playing with fire.

Never resorting to the big-print obvious to make its point, through a sonically pulsing tone Dennis’s production echoes Eke’s implications. Thoughtful piano, subtle synths and a minor note mainline all collect around her chorus in coolly persuasive fashion.

You can stream/buy ‘Playing With Fire’ now and the ‘Find The Sunrise’ album is available to pre-order/save here from today.


01: Dennis Sheperd X Eke – Playing With Fire (Extended Mix)
02: Dennis Sheperd X Eke – Playing With Fire (Extended Mix)


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