Darren Porter & Alessandra Roncone release “Transcendence”


New year, new beginning, new trance music; and this time it’s all about Darren Porter and his collaboration with the lovely Alessandra Roncone.

The pair has just released an extremely beautiful track, entitled “Transcendence” at Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE), a premiere actually for the label to have the two artists side by side. The result is simple: “an emotional roller-coaster of a track”.

“Transcendence” is packed with piano thrills and sometimes strong beats, which results in emotions running wild. An uplifting track that keeps you on your tenterhooks for not knowing what will bring next.

Melodic, emotional (up to a teary point, we might add), yet powerful and energetic, the song will make you travel through the world of sound and experience its every unwritten feeling.

Mentoring Alessandra over the last few years has been a great experience to watch her grow and evolve into an artist. It was a pleasure to work on a track that brings another flavor.” said the English DJ & producer, Darren Porter.

“Transcendence” is up for grabs here, so be sure to give it a listen, or two … OK, OK put it on repeat! That’s what we did! 😉

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