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Club Emotion Guest Dj: Virusz

Pentru a doua oara in Club Emotion Guest Dj VIRUSZ, ne aduce "right as usual" un set de 2 ore TRANCE, continund astfel sirul promo-mixurilor Nrgize, acum ajuns la setul numarul 10.

Dj VirusZ – Nrgize 010 TRACKLIST:

01. Dave Gahan – Dirty Sticky Floors (LDJ's Intro Mix)
02. Niklas Harding – Ice Beach (Brandenburg Tech Remix)
03. Falkon Nebula Feat Sasja – So Lost (Stalkers Found U Remix)
04. Sound Fiction – Hydrolove (Original Mix)
05. Nic Chagall – Monday Bar (Sunset Mix)
06. Silencer – Drown In Me (Hemstock And Jennings Remix)
07. Daniel Kandi – Breath (Sunny Lax Remix)
08. Blank and Jones – Catch (Martin Roth Mix)
09. Fat Kid – Voca Me (Fear Force Remix)
10. Luminary – Amsterdam (Smith And Pledger Remix)
11. Tiësto – He's A Pirate (Original Mix)
12. Stoneface and Terminal – Venus (Original Mix)
13. Dj Spoke present Solar Corp – An Afternoon In Heaven (Original Mix)
14. Apogee – Shimmering (Marcos Euphonic Remix)
15. Marco V – False Light (Ton T.B. Remix)
16. Fire & Ice – Lost Emotions (Bryan Kearney Remix)
17. Jonas Steur – Sonrisa (Original Mix)
18. Miguel Sassot – Empty (Aly & Fila Remix)
19. Marc Dawn – Random Walk (Nu Nrg Remix)
20. Fragile Feat. Alex Lemon – Inerita (Club Mix)
21. Passenger 75 – Beauty Of Sound (Moonforce Remix)
22. Factoria – The Seven Summits (Ross B Mix)
23. Matias Lehtola Feat Gina J – Burning Brignt (Original Mix)
24. Selu Vibra – Stargazing (Original Mix)


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