Christina Novelli – Numb (EXTENDED & BOBINA REMIXES)

‘Numb’ is the final act in the single-saga birthed by ‘Through My Eyes’Christina Novelli’s outstanding, acoustically-based 2019 album. Again it puts into the sharpest focus the singer’s ability to draw from deep within and – filter-free – express her innermost through word & voice. ‘Numb’ is another venture into those recesses, and one that walks the tightrope between beauty, vulnerability & positivity.

Having already delivered the emotional haunt of its beatless album Original, for the release’s Extended version Christina cuts loose, swinging the tonal needle in an uplifting direction. Altitude-grabbing synths and attitudinal bass & drum drive take it – in an entirely predestined manner – to those club-minded spaces!

In, arguably, a reversal of remixing roles, with his interpretation Bobina finds the middle ground between the Original and the Extended. He keeps its tempo low, supporting it with the rhythmic sway of its percussive loops & occasional bassy booms, while a raft of string & piano instrumentation and crafted FX further swirl its mood.

While ‘Numb’ may be the closing chapter of the album, it represents the opening one for Muse Music Records. Distributed by Dutch powerhouse Black Hole Recordings, going forward Christina’s new label enterprise will bring her music, and that of kindred spirits under one roof.

‘Numb’ by name, anything-but by nature, ‘Through My Eyes’s single swansong is out today and available to stream or purchase here.


01: Christina Novelli – Numb (Extended Mix)
02: Christina Novelli – Numb (Bobina Remix)
02: Christina Novelli – Numb (Original Mix)


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