Christina Novelli sings about a “Beautiful Life”


She’s had many a prolific year, but 2019 is one Christina Novelli can truly put her name on. Rarely a month has passed without the singer-cum-storyteller lending the power of her now instantly recognizable voice and lyrically emotive punch to the work of others.

This month though Christina drops back into solo mode. Ahead of the release of her new artist album, she emancipates clubbers & song-lovers alike through her new solo offering, ‘Beautiful Life’.

With it comes a song whose achingly bittersweet verses bring it a compellingly raw edge, while its chorus & production deliver its spiritually elevating, club-embracing aspects. Lyrically Christina’s overarching message couldn’t be clearer: while the heart may hurt – hope, optimism, positivity and the promise of better days will see you through.
‘Beautiful Life’ is released today and is available to stream or purchase now.

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