BT – Stratosphere (Matt Fax Remix)

‘BT’ and ‘groundbreaking’ are words that have been inseparably linked, back since the days of ‘今 Ima’ & ‘ESCM’. With ‘Metaversal’ – his first-of-its-kind programmatic blockchain LP last year, he took album releasing ever closer to the bleeding edge of tech.

Into 2022 and BT’s been handpicking some production-minds to send its music to some different times and spaces. After March’s Nourey treatment of ‘Where the Sun Meets the Sea’, May sees France’s Matt Fax at the plate & ready to address the upper ethers of ‘Stratosphere’.

Simply put, if there’s any track that’s going to grab you with one single solitary spin in 2022, this’ll be it.

To do that, Matt has had to walk the finest of studio lines. It’s meant creating something awash with feel, but the production wherewithal to connect on every clubfloor from deepest progressive to the most earthmoving trance.
To pull this no-mean-feat off, Matt’s subtly moved ‘Stratosphere’s plucked-string sub-melody up to be a major player position in the mix. Placing a thrill-inducing vocoder over its vocals, it raises the atmosphere, near inexorably, up to the break. What happens after that, well let’s just say if you can remain seated, and keep your feet from moving & your arms from soaring, heck, you’re doing better than us!

Music that moves mind, body and soul, and a minor masterpiece of sonic engineering all in one, you can make every day a Friday simply by clicking this link.


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