AVA Recordings launches new Deep label


With the release of ‘Not Ready’ comes double cause for AVA fan fanfare. Not only does it see Louis ‘LTN’ Tan give swift return to his Pres. Ghostbeat moniker (after May’s ‘Through The Darkness’), but it’s also the embarkation point for the label’s new imprint.

‘Not Ready’ opens the account for AVA’s freshly minted Deep division – a sub-label whose name and remit chimes with our cooler and altogether more 2020 musical requirements.

Watching over ‘Not Ready’s vocal quarter is relative newcomer BLÜ EYES, who instils it with a song that’s at once sweetly-sung and justly bittersweet. Heart worn on sleeve and with plenty of home truths subtly sewn into its lyrical lines, quiet-storm-like her words sweep the track end to end.

Louis commits something of a first to ‘Not Ready’s production, keeping the emphasis off the drums and percussion and foregrounding its live sounding instrumentations. Long slowed-up, beat-less drops and semi-filmic FX create the atmosphere, whilst its occasional bassy booms hang distinctly in the production’s middle distance.

From its AVADEEP001 launch point, the label will move swiftly to bring new studio work to the AVA-faithful from the likes of Andre Sobota, Damien Wasse, Katrin Souza, Taglo, Vortex 49 and Mainterm. ‘Not Ready’ (full tracklist details below) meanwhile is ready to stream or buy here from today.


01: LTN presents Ghostbeat & BLÜ EYES – Not Ready (Extended Mix)
02: LTN presents Ghostbeat & BLÜ EYES – Not Ready (Extended Dub Mix)
03: LTN presents Ghostbeat & BLÜ EYES – Not Ready (Original Mix)


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