The 2022 ADE Lab announces first wave

Marco Lobby

Superstars of the future: ADE Lab calls on you ~ Get inspired by some of the best in the game such as GORDO, Joachim Pastor, Topic and more, get a glimpse of the future of art and music with an AI / hybrid art masterclass by Portrait XO, learn how to land a job in the music industry and experiment on the latest gear courtesy of Ableton, Alter Audio, AIMI, Pioneer DJ, Roland, and Universal Audio (with many more to come!)

Sampling, live setups & production masterclasses

Award-winning DJ Topic is a master at reimagining classic tracks in his music, and during Topic’s Production Process: Song Sampling, you’ll have the chance to learn all about how to use sampling within your own next productions. Looking to get some inspiration for your gear setup? Joachim Pastor to the rescue: during the Live Set Up of Joachim Pastor workshop, he’ll show how he built and finetuned his gear selection that he takes on stage.

If you’re stuck on one of your productions instead, you might want to take a look at How This Track Was Made w/ Used: The Belgian Drum & Bass producer takes you through the production process of one of his tracks; learn from him in real time and take some of his tricks into your own skillset…

Evolving into GORDO

Just a few months ago, superstar DJ/producer Carnage made one of the most pivotal moves in his career: after announcing his early retirement to his global fanbase, Carnage was instead reborn as GORDO, shedding off his well-established image in favour of a new house and techno-oriented focus. Learn all about the ins and outs of his transformation at ADE Lab, what such a crucial move has meant for his career and the lessons you can take from it as an artist yourself.

Creating Hybrid Art with AI

How can artists co-create with AI and take full advantage of deep learning tech to up their game musically and visually? This workshop by multidisciplinary artist Portrait XO feat. Thomas Haferlach (Pollinations.AI) will present examples of what a co-creative process looks like through the lens of artistic & scientific perspectives.

How to Land a Job in the Music Industry – with José Woldring (Founder & CEO, The Media Nanny)

Does working in the music scene feel like a distant dream? In the masterclass How to Land a Job in the Music Industry, José Woldring takes you by the hand on getting your foot in the door in the music industry.

VIP (Visually Impared People)

The VIP Experience aims to throw light on the challenges faced by DJs, producers and music artists in the electronic music industry, as well as electronic music fans and club/festival goers who are blind or have low vision, whilst creating increased accessibility and awareness of sight loss across our dance music world. VIP is set to host a discussion and a workshop during ADE Lab focused on producing with visual impairment and using gear that takes visual impairment into consideraton in the production process.

The ADE Lab Pass is up for grabs here.


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